History of Wedding Rings

While cotton didn’t really come from Egypt (sorry a myth), you know what did? Wedding rings. Really! Trace the origins of the wedding ring back to 4800 BC. And Gold rings, as we know them, didn’t come about until the Middle Ages. Interesting stuff.

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Mind Bending World of Bakso

Graphic designer tees on-demand from Bakso

Ready to have your mind bent? Head over to Bakso. It’s a community based shirt site that features designs submitted by some widely creative and talented people. Most of the tees are illustrative in style and have a slightly twisted surrealist vibe to them. Imagine Batman and Robin riding a giant pigeon, or a three-titted terminator. Seriously.

They use direct to garment printing to produce shirts of any design on-demand. The printing on our sample tee is simply stunning. The tee is a very good quality, medium weight. Bakso’s one of those sites you need to bookmark because there’s always new designs coming up.  If you’re a designer considering submitting your work here.


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Liquid Screen Design Heat Reaction T-Shirt Kickstarter Project

Everybody has a closet full of t-shirts. You get a t-shirt at a charity walk. You get one when you join a fraternity or sorority. You even get a t-shirt when you sign up for a credit card. We wanted to come up with a unique t-shirt that you’ve probably never seen before. That’s why we’re bringing you the Heat Reaction T-shirt.

What is a Heat Reaction T-shirt?

Heat Reaction T-shirts are regular t-shirts that are treated with a chemical process that makes them react to temperature. We have already figured out the process for a small variety of colors, but we are trying to add more colors (like Black to White, Maroon to Gold, Navy to Red, and Cherry Red to White). We need the help of crowd sourcing supporters on Kickstarter to help fund the research and make every color combination possible.

At Liquid Screen Design we think that you will love these amazing t-shirts. Over the past year as we’ve tested the technology and worked out the kinks, the reaction to these t-shirts has been nothing less than mind-blowing. Everyone wants to know how to get these color-changing t-shirts for themselves.

Check it out at, or visit

Tees for Your Head


Tees For Your Head is a graphic t-shirt company based in sunny seaside Santa Cruz, CA. They’ve got an interesting selection of optical illusion based designs and geeky jokes that you can choose from to be screen printed on soft t-shirts, with sizing from toddler to 6XL. If you really like people staring at your chest, this are the shirts for you!

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